Running Dinner Planner

Privacy policy

The Planner obviously needs names and addresses to make a seating arrangement for you, and to generate personalised invitations. If you’d like the Planner to also send these invitations to the Participants, you’ll have to provide their e-mails as well.  The addresses and names don’t actually have to be real - but they should be real enough for the Dinner’s participants to make sense of.

As far as sharing your data with 3rd parties is concerned: we’re not in the game of trying to make money that way. In other words: any data you input into the system remains with us, and no-one else

Of course we hope to be making some money with the Running Dinner Planner - after all, it’s taken years to get to this stage - but we want to do that by offering you a service you’ll appreciate enough to make the small investment. And remember: you’ll only be asked to buy a Full Assist service if you’re keen to see the details of the seating arrangement the Planner has made for you - an arrangement for which you’ll know upfront how good it is.

Even if you’re not ready to spend a small amount to save you precious planning time: be our guest to use the Planner’s interactive GUI to make a seating arrangement yourself, taking full advantage of the free analysis algorithms to tell you how good the arrangement is.